Document Governance - DG



The module provides provisions and controls required to develop and manage systems’ documents within the organization.

Key Features:

1. Auto unique sequencing and identification of documents

2. Provisions to capture internal/external origin documents, records, and communications

3. Review and approval workflow, review status at any time

4. Provisions for interconnectivity among published documents

5. Classify confidentiality and access to documents,

6. Personalized dashboard to monitor progress and measure performance

7. Auto notification and follow-up mechanism

8. Auto revision control that provides audit trail on document changes

9. Provisions to engage customers and suppliers to develop documents e.g., specifications

10. Generate customized reports based on input fields

11. Provisions for auto notification on coming due and overdue documents.

With GSM Document Governance, you can manage the entire document lifecycle, gain complete visibility and rely on a single source of truth across all locations for more effective decision making.

Regulatory compliance is stringent. With an electronic approach to document governance across the enterprise, you’ll have a central repository to create, modify, review, approve, store, organize, access and share documents globally in a controlled manner. Track each document from origin to obsolescence with analytics, graphical dashboards, integrated collaboration and workflow tools.

1. Boost Productivity and Efficiency

With a workflow-driven process aided by secure digital capabilities, simplify creating and updating documents, always ensuring the right templates are used. Streamline the entire document review/approval process easily, on a consistent and timely basis. Increase operational efficiency by improving access to the right version of your information, faster and more cost-effectively, regardless of platform.

Whether it’s SOPs, policies, plans, work instructions, or manufacturing & production designs, the most current information will always be available and accessible, reducing both time and risk.

2. Ensure Audit, Regulatory and Organizational Compliance

Transform your document governance to satisfy quality and regulatory compliance, from ISO 9001 to GxP standards. Manage all the documents in your workflows, while integrating with other quality processes critical to regulatory compliance, such as registration and surveillance audits, CAPA escalations, non-conformance, change control and customer complaints. Always be ‘audit ready,’ and ensure compliance to information security and regulatory guidelines such as multi-password access and digital signature, forced expiration of passwords, account and intruder lockout, and audit trail history/record archiving.

3. Improve Collaboration

Eliminate separate legacy document silos with a single enterprise-wide system. With a cloud-based platform, it’s easy to work together and share information when creating, reviewing and updating documents.

Everyone allowed in your organization can see changes in real-time, and respond instantly with sign offs and approvals. Even collaborate across your supply chain by including suppliers and contract manufacturers to get their input and keep them in the loop. 

4. Keep Employee Training Up-to-Date

It’s crucial to keep your team current with the latest policies and SOPs as soon as they’re effective. With easily accessible documents and workflow capabilities tightly coupled with GSM’s Training functionality, you can ensure employees are notified when CAPA-driven processes or work instructions change, and effortlessly track that all appropriate reviews have occurred. Easily respond to audits with detailed data on who has been trained on new/updated documents.

5. Implement Best Practices

Running operations consistently across existing and newly built or acquired facilities on a global scale requires a common set of processes. With a cloud-based document control system, all your facilities always have access to the most recent set of approved procedures. Best practices are easily shared and standardized across the organization and new operations are consistently onboarded.

Support Your Entire Organization


Document Creators (Owners)

Create and update faster, collaborate as necessary, focusing on content.


Document Coordinators

Ensure routing, review and approval is performed efficiently.


HR and Training Managers

Be confident that new as well as updated documents are easily integrated in process.



Rely on secure, scalable, cloud-based technologies for all document control, compliance and governance needs.


Quality/EHS/ QHSE Managers

Maintain effective document control to maintain compliance (ISO 9001/14001/45001).


Production/ Supply Chain/ Operations Teams

Easily access up-to-date information, anytime, wherever they are.