Inspection and Audit - IA



The IA Management module provides provisions and controls required to manage onsite and offsite inspections, internal and external audits and their connectivity to actions to improve process or product.

Key Features:

1. Auto unique sequencing of each inspection and audit.
2. Provisions to develop acceptance criteria, tailored to specific needs,
3. Create specific checklists, ITP (Inspection and Test Plans) and control plans to meet specified requirements,
4. Risk based audit planning and objective evidence collection, if required,
5. Provisions to create conformity matrix to prepare for client or registrar audits,
6. Provisions to load pictures of the subjected product, process or area, (auto GPS location, date and time stamped option),
7. Auto notification mechanism to highlight coming due inspections and audits.
8. Provisions to assign competent inspectors and auditors to prevent unintended personnel on
the task, (connectivity to personnel competency module).
9. Live data collection and decision making to prevent further ordering of unintended material – connectivity to supplier performance management module,
10. Planned vs. actual customized dashboard shows ongoing progress on inspection and audit processes

Plan, execute and manage internal audits better

One of the key ways for management to be sure their business processes are adequate and effective is through the process of internal audits. The audit process reviews the outputs of every one of your business processes by sampling records and interviewing employees and then compares this information to the planned provisions of the process to assess if the process is fulfilling its obligations as planned. When processes are carried out as planned you can assess their effectiveness, and when there is a problem corrective actions can be taken to address the root cause. In this way you can ensure that your business is functioning as expected. To make this process easier, the software in GSM provides everything you need to manage an audit process, from audit scheduling to reporting.

For a better way to track and manage your internal audit process try a free trial of GSM.


Internal audits made simple

With GSM you have everything you need to implement and maintain an audit program in your company. Starting with customized audit scheduling, planning individual audits and reporting when audits are complete, you can ensure that nothing gets missed.

Use the GSM internal audit software to improve your audits by:

1. Creating and reporting on the overall audit schedule
2. Planning and recording audit preparations
3. Managing audit checklists
4. Collecting and storing audit reports
5. Distributing audit reports for review and approval
6. Linking audit findings to corrective actions
7. Tracking audit tasks to completion
8. Maintaining fully auditable internal audit records

GSM takes the hassle out of maintaining your audit program by providing all the necessary elements to maintain a fully compliant internal audit system that will not only satisfy the international standard but will also help you identify opportunities for improvement within your business processes. Get started on better audits with GSM.