Supplier Performance - SP



The SP Management module provides provisions and controls required to manage supplier performance.

Key Features:

1. Auto unique sequencing of each supplier, and sub-supplier.
2. Develop risk-based acceptance criteria, provisions to perform supplier qualification and requalification assessments, maintain approved suppliers and contractors list,
3. Provisions to view effectiveness of the previously implemented corrective actions,
4. Material and services ordering – generate purchase orders and contracts.
5. Auto notification mechanism to highlight coming due, and received material or services.
6. Provisions to provide supply chain vision, mission and objectives connectivity,
7. Provisions to manage supplier’s deviations, RFI (request for information) and nonconformity efficiently, and to prepare supplier improvement plan with connectivity to IT module.
8. Provisions for invoice verification, warranty and cost recovery management
9. Provisions to provide onboarding and orientation to supplier and contractor – connectivity to PC module to assure personnel competence.
10. Provisions to advanced product quality planning (APQP) requirements conformance,
11. Provisions to validate supplied products and issue a certificate,
12. Customized dashboard shows ongoing monitoring, provisions to analyze the supplier’s underperformance.
13. Provisions to generate supplier scorecard based on defined scoring criteria.

Dealing with multiple vendors for different organizational needs is not so easy, for this we have to leverage on a supply chain management tools which can drive more value out of vendor relationships. By installing GSM, OEM companies can maintain all data and transactions related to contractors, contracts and manage the documentation associated with them to gain total visibility & control.

GSM’ Supply Chain Management Module is an online web-based portal to effectively connect with all your vendors. It serves as vendor connectivity portal that has everything you need to digitize processes and make better business decisions based on facts rather than assumptions. Gain advantage with technology, vendor portal lets you to centralize & easily manage the global vendors, suppliers across the world. Our Vendor Management System facilitates OEM & Vendor collaboration during the production & service life-cycle and thereby enhances end customer service.

Implementation of this vendor / supplier portal will simplify your business processes and empower you to build stronger relationships with your suppliers. By using this system, keep your master data accurate and up to date, reduce cycle time & improve business. Perhaps most importantly, it enables vendor self-service, keeps vendor data readily accessible and helps gain total visibility onto the transactions.

Integration of this system with other enterprise systems such as ERP, SAP enables both Organization & its vendor to have their data at their fingertips. Implement this Vendor Management System vendor connectivity tool & save time, improve efficiency, this in turn improves the overall performance of your core business.

Why GSM Supply Chain Management is Great?

1. Informative Dashboard
2. Integration to ERP (SAP, Oracle Etc.)
3. Real-time Reports
4. Financial Reconciliation
5. Vendor Performance Rating
6. Vendor On-boarding & Self service

The requirements for information transparency, symmetric real-time data, on-going communication traceability are enabled with the below listed features. To execute business effectively install GSM’s User friendly Supply Chain Management Software solution and seamlessly connect with your third – party suppliers. With Vendor portal you can streamline interactions, automate all core business processes and document management activities that are complex when tracked manually using spreadsheets.

Buyers can intimate the forecast to vendors and get confirmation.

Manage Forecast
Purchase Order

Vendor can view the purchase orders & he can either confirm or reject.

Delivery Schedule plans / split ups can be conveyed to buyers.


Upon shipment, Vendor can share ASN to buyers on the fly, with logistic details.

Quality check for both raw materials and finished goods can be captured.

Quality Check
GRN – Goods Receipt Note

Vendors gets acknowledged once buyers receive Goods.

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Vendor can create invoice on uploading mandatory documents, and get to know if invoice is accounted / paid.

Invoice Tracking
Two Way Messaging System (Ticketing)

Two-way communication between Buyer and Vendor is enabled for support, complaint & escalations.

Effective Automatic Mail triggers to notify the stakeholders on important transaction.

Auto Mailer
Vendor Review & Rating

Vendor performance evaluated based on QDC (quality / delivery / cost) and made available in the dashboard to both buyers and vendors.

Dashboard with interactive visual analytics help you to make intelligent, strategic decisions based on these insights.


Various reports from compliance to delivery tracking to invoice settlement is available.

Our Vendor Management software provides great benefits to large organizations seeking centralization. This system allows buyer to “invite” specific vendors to register and on-board with your company, eliminate duplicate work & automate labor-intensive tasks.

Increases Return on Investment

Easily manage multi-vendor relationships and increase efficiencies by making informed decisions

Invite new vendor online. Helps you to on board a new vendor in a more systematic manner.

Automates Supplier Onboarding
Expedites Dispute Resolution

Eliminate disputes and facilitate communication to manage order changes

Easily locate and engage thousands of diverse businesses with GSM’s Supply Chain Module

Manage Diverse Vendors
Scalability & Adaptability

You can customize the product for any of your specific / unique business needs

Show what is necessary to whom by managing user access / privileges

Easy Administration