Monitoring & Measuring - MM



The MM Management module provides provisions and controls required to identify inspection, test and measuring equipment (IMTE), calibration, maintenance as well monitoring of objectives and key performance measures.

Key Features:

1. Auto unique sequencing of each equipment, and monitoring process.
2. Provisions to perform effective meetings to determine meaningful actions.
3. Capture compliance requirements and their interpretation.
4. Provisions to perform calibration with defined acceptance criteria and master calibrator traceability.
5. Auto notification mechanism to highlight coming due equipment for calibration.
6. Provisions to compare performance of the selected equipment.
7. Provisions to plan and perform equipment breakdown/reactive, predictive and preventive maintenance with connectivity to spare parts inventory levels.
8. Provisions to monitor PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) policy conformance.
9. Support TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) principles.
10. Provide connectivity to required maintenance procedures and work instructions.
11. Customized dashboard shows ongoing progress on measuring and monitoring processes performance.

GSM has a strong workflows to Monitor, Measure & Improve your performance

In order to run your business, you need to know that your processes, products and services are meeting their expected deliverable requirements. To do this you need to perform monitoring and measurement activities. However, managing all your monitoring and measurement activities can quickly become overwhelming, causing confusion about what has been done, what still needs to be done and if any actions are needed from the data review. Having one easy to access dashboard for all your monitoring and measurement activities can help make this happen, and GSM is the place to turn for this level of control. With GSM Manage your monitoring and measurement better.

GSM simple tool to give you total control

With GSM you can easily identify monitoring and measurement needs, assess at a glance what tasks have been completed, and monitor your data for any trends that need to be addressed.

The GSM software for monitoring and measurement allows you to:

1. Identify all needs in your processes for monitoring and measurement
2. Easy to learn and use prefabricated templates to record monitoring and measurements data
3. Track all important activities in a jiffy and stay updated on the status
4. Maintain easily accessible and audit ready records of monitoring and measurement
5. Assess trends in the data that could lead to improvements
6. Link monitoring and measurement trends to corrective action or improvement tasks
7. Track improvement tasks to completion and stay ahead of competition

GSM’s prefabricated, customized templates makes it easy for you to control all of your monitoring and measurement related activities so you don’t miss any important activities or lose data. Trust that you have everything under control in your monitoring and measurement activities with the help of GSM.

Collect and Analyze Inspection Data to Proactively Detect and Resolve Product Issues

Enhance Customer Satisfaction with the Inspection Smart Inspection and Audit Module

GSM manages both pre-delivery and post-delivery inspections to improve speed and consistency. Our solution presents the correct template for the selected product and enables faster completion online or on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets

Your Current Situation

Consumers Dissatisfied With Unexpected Product Failure

1. Inadequate inspection processes result in increased returns, thus damaging the customer perception of brand quality
2. Consumers do not receive the best value, thereby reducing customer loyalty and advocacy
3. Paper checklists and other manual processes impede the speed and accuracy of inspections performed by the channel partners
4. Brands incur higher costs from warranty, restocking fees, and refunds. Brands can improve customer satisfaction through better inspection processes and tools

  • Better value from higher quality products
  • Reduced need for product returns and repairs
  • Lower risk of product failures, resulting in peace of mind

  • GSM Inspection Software

    Enables Brands and Channel Partners to:

    1. Configure Inspection form fields and page layouts with point-and-click ease
    2. Access Inspection forms on any device
    3. Support multiple inspection methods and digital attachments with annotations (photos, videos, documents)
    4. Configure form-level business logic and process management to ensure on-form data validation and threshold-based Inspection workflow
    5. Support for dynamic form structure based on product attributes
    6. Share metadata with all modules i.e OC/ DG/ Measuring and Monitoring etc.
    7. Support advanced reporting and analytics with Inspection Dashboard and data export
    8. Share Inspection, product, and repair information among customers, dealers, and suppliers with audience-specific portals (360 Connected Customer Experience)

  • Ease of PDI capture and submission with tablet, mobile, or web.
  • Reduce inspection time and warranty costs by 15% or more
  • Improve perception of brand quality, Foster customer loyalty and advocacy